About Us


Matt Borden

Vermont Spirits Detective Agency has been ghost hunting as a group since 2008. Matt Borden, founder, is truly gifted in that he can hear disembodied voices. He may not be able to hear his cell phone, but he can hear ghosts, so it’s really not a question of how good ones hearing is – it’s more of an ability. Some would call it a gift. Of all the people that have come and gone in our group, Sophie and her brother Willie  have demonstrated that not only having this gift is a bonus, but diligence in listening carefully to all the hours of their recorded sessions is crucial. Many times, it’s Sophie or Willie who find the unexplainable voices.

willie with Matt in background

Willie Peacock

When the 3 are huddled over their recorders and camcorder, it’s hard to distinguish the kids from Matt the “adult”.


Bryan Hallett






Bryan has been with us since almost the beginning. He’s confident and outgoing, and definitely not camera shy – we need that for making ourselves known and entertaining. Bryan has been Matt’s BIG support – he’ll go on ANY investigations, has become a friend, and is VSDA’s other face. We can always count on Bryan to be ready and willing to help.


Hannah Hawley

Hannah pushed us forward with blogging on wordpress, twitter, writing form letters, and advertising such as making pamphlets but also letting her friends and family know about us. She’s done an investigation on her own with friend and contest winner Robin Doolen to relieve Matt of driving to Rutland, and corresponding with the owner. Hannah brings her enthusiasm!!! business ideas, and wants to see VSDA get recognition. She also is very willing and ready to help.

This is our best “Get Out” so far (8/6/2010)


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