Absence of proof is not proof of absence.

Use headphones for optimal hearing.

This is our very first EVP (electronic voice phenomena), caught by Matt & Gloria at Rolling Hills Asylum in upstate NY. This was part of the conference held by Sci Fi’s Ghost Hunters. This is the most clear EVP to date that we have. It’s an example of what to expect to avoid disappointment if we don’t conjure up “full body solid apparitions” for the folks who call us. Ghost hunting can be exciting but most of the time, it’s boring – nothing happens; no evidence on our recorders or video, so be prepared when you call us. Also, we may be capturing evidence but don’t know it until we listen to our recorders afterwards. As we tell people, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any activity; we just weren’t able to capture it with our equipment. By the way, there was no one else in the room with us. We are absolutely sure we caught something.

The investigator asks “Are you here with us” and there is a positive response just prior to the investigator continuing “If you are…..”  This was captured by the founders of VSDA while at a retreat with SciFi’s Ghost Hunters.  In fact, TAPS member Grant Wilson was standing guard directly outside the door to this room ensuring their EVP session went uninterrupted.

Did you hear the “yes”? This is what’s called by the Ghost Hunters and others, intelligent haunting. Whatever it is, it is interacting with us. The opposite is a residual haunting, meaning an energy/spirit/ghost that plays continuously like a loop, with no observable/measurable interaction with us – it just is.

This next EVP is from Back Inn Time in St. Albans, Vermont (see Our Investigations). You have to listen carefully as Matt is speaking. There is what sounds like sobbing (at first, it may sound like laughing) over Matt’s talking. This is the nitty-gritty part of the work – listening carefully (to all those who want to join us) – it’s not always easy to pick up these EVPs because, so far for us, they haven’t been a clear concise crystal clear response like the “yes” above. It takes a lot of patience. As for this EVP, allegedly a man committed suicide in this room. What do you hear?

In the background of the investigator speaking  “it can’t harm you…..just make some….other lights go off” you can hear what sounds like an older gentleman weeping. This EVP was caught at Back Inn Time, St. Albans in the parlor where a male had committed suicide in the past. Two investigators are present in the room, and it is confirmed that neither were responsible for the noise utilizing various audio recorders. No one else was awake at the time. This same type of weeping or moaning noise was caught again by VSDA on a second investigation of Back Inn Time.

Like I said, don’t expect earth shattering stuff, although in this case it was earth shattering to the owner of the inn, Pauline and her son Travis. Two other ghost hunting teams before us were not able to get anything. We also got footsteps recorded but unfortunately it was on a digital recorder that can not upload. We know for a fact from our own experience (not just this EVP) that the Back Inn Time is haunted.

This short video clip gives you a sense of our humor and that ghost hunting can be funny.

Did you see the red light of the recorder, the equipment set further back, turn off? It was a digital voice recorder that had brand new batteries. Matt was able to use it again just minutes later with the same batteries. What turned it off and why? Did it not like the recorder? That’s another anomaly in paranormal investigations – equipment turning off when it’s fully charged, either permanently or temporarily.This investigation was in a home in Vergennes, Vermont. The two young sons will no longer sleep in their room because they claim there is something in the closet, where this video was taken. Bryan is saying to Matt “K2 K2” to get Matt to move the camcorder over to the second K2 that is on the dresser and flashing, signifying in the ghost hunting world, possible communication. That night was the first time any of us got a K2 response.

This is at the same investigation at Vergennes mentioned above. It’s a clearer demonstration of using the K2 to communicate, by showing how it lights up more diodes in response to Bryan’s question (see Our Services & Equipment for pictures of the instruments used) . To begin the investigation, EMF readings are taken throughout the house using another type of EMF detector that has a digital readout in gauss. High EMFs are thought to cause hallucinations, fear, dread, paranoia and nausea and is associated with the magnetic fields of bad electrical wiring, household appliances, video display terminals, and local power lines. We want to rule them out. That’s why it’s significant that the K2 lit up – Bryan and Matt had already ruled out any high EMFs by using the EMF meter, and therefore, as far as we know, there was no reason for the K2 to light up. There was one spot that the EMF detector picked up EMFs that repeatedly spiked and dropped (no explanation for that either)…it was the child’s closet.

All this time, we’ve been talking about EVPs. That’s when us humans can’t hear what’s being said with our own ears, but our digital recorders can pick it up. We hear it only later, when listening diligently to the hours of recordings. Matt hears what’s called disembodied voices every so often. That’s when a human can hear an unexplainable voice in real time, when it’s happening. It’s very affirming when our recorder also picks it up, but the two together doesn’t happen frequently. In this video clip, everyone but Bill Peacock hears the voice saying Hello back to Matt. Our camcorder did not pick it up, but anyone who heard it, can still to this day, say they definitely heard a disembodied voice.

This is our best “Get Out” so far (8/6/2010)

For more evidence caught by VSDA visit Our Investigations page:

Chittenden County, VT – January 29, 2010

North Hero again – October 9, 2009

Crown Point, NY – Sept 18, 2009

North Hero, Vermont – Summer to Fall 2009



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