Ghost Gizmos

Vermont Spirits Detective Agency aims to debunk first by using equipment such as digital recorders (they pick up sounds not audible to the human ear), infrared security cameras, EMF meters (electromagnetic field), K2 meters (also detects electromagnetic frequencies), digital thermometers, camcorders and some common knowledge about homes. Our goal is to some day have a thermal imaging camera that can detect what no eye can see such as the minor variations in temperature. Vermont Spirits Detective Agency has experimented with other devices, but so far, our most dependable equipment is the simple digital recorder.
As ghost hunters, we love what we do – researching the paranormal and to offer assistance to those who believe their home or business is haunted. At this time, Vermont Spirits Detective Agency offers its services for free.
This is some of our equipment that have been mentioned throughout the site.

Matt watching the DVR's monitor

Matt watching the DVR

Our most used equipment - Digital Voice Recorder

Our most used piece of equipment – the Digital Voice Recorder.

Camcorder - used for video and sound

Our next most used piece of equipment – the camcorder.

The K2 – an EMF detector that

EMF Meter

Another EMF detector but that

digital thermometer

Digital Thermometer to debunk cold spots.


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